Do you think the resources consumed for the recall of the Toyota Prius has outweighed any positive environmental aspects of those particular cars?,0,5030188.story



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    Absolutely not. Think about it this way: thousands of cars are recalled every year for a wide variety of reasons. Just in the last few months Toyota has recalled thousands of cars other than the Prius, the point being that recalls and their associated environmental impacts are an inevitable and common problem. But because the Prius is a hybrid, and gets better gas mileage than non-hybrid cars, it constantly has a positive (or better than the average car) environmental impact. If the Prius didn’t exist, the probability is that some other Toyota car would have been recalled this year, and if that car wasn’t a hybrid then its environmental impact would be doubly¬†negative, first because it gets lower gas mileage than a hybrid and second, because of the negative environmental impact of a recall.

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