Do you think that the reduced cost of the Leaf will cause more people to buy it over the Volt?



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    I think the fact that the Nissan Leaf is cheaper is the reason why people buy the Leaf, but may not be responsible for more Leafs sold. In December and January the Volt sold 650 cars and the Leaf 107. The reasons can get complicated and it may not be demand that has anything to do with it. The way the roads are set up now, the Volt is a better option for people who cannot come home to their charger every night. Also, Nissan has thousands of preordered cars, but has been cautious in its development and so has only released so many cars skewing the statistics. Also, the Volt is working on reducing the price.  If both cars were equally available at their current prices, I would venture to guess that the Leaf would indeed sell more cars.

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    Edit: Oops, disregard this answer -I somehow mixed up the prices of the cars! Chelsea’s answer above is very good. 🙂

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