do you think the recession has helped people realize that being green can save them money?



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    I would say so. I just moved to Vancouver, WA to work as an AmeriCorps volunteer on community garden issues, and a recurring sentiment among many groups is the need to produce their own food when access to affordable products is somewhat limited. Gardening increases food security locally, provides exercise, is a low-impact hobby, reduces transportation and chemical use in industrial agriculture, maintains urban biodiversity, etc. etc. Although many people have gardened for years regardless of the overall economic activity in this country and elsewhere, the driving factor for many people now is the affordability of food products when grown personally.

    This may be only one anecdote, but of course, when one is unemployed, low cost transportation alternatives, saving energy to avoid paying electricity (and the same for water), etc. all become attractive. These acts are also green as well, obviously.

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    Yes. People now are trying to save money wherever they can, and one major way is to increase energy efficiency. Homeowners who get an energy audit and do home retrofits and weatherization for their houses can save up to $1000 a year or more on their utility bills. In this recession, that is a lot of money! There are many government funded programs to help people do projects like these. Search around for Weatherization Assistance Programs or home retrofitting.

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    To a point, yes. Insofar as when people thing of being green and being financially conservative with their finances as being the same thing (they are related here and there, but ultimately are different creatures).

    More substantially, though, when people receive their electric bills or fill up their tanks, I’m sure they realize the value of renewable energy sources as they shell out their hard-earned money.

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      I think that there is a connection between the two. Consumerism is one of the worst things for the environment so naturally if people have less money, or are concerned with their financial future they will purchase less which is a good thing for the environment.

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