Do you think that the rainforest could ever get as big as it used to be?



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    Yes, but this would require a deliberate effort to allow the rainforest to reclaim it’s natural habitat.  It would be great if we could allow the rainforest to retake its habitat, but this would also require a lot of intervention from humans to ensure the success on a time scale we might be able to see.

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    I think that if the worldwide human population decreased dramatically, the rainforests – and other forests – might be able to reach to ancient sizes. Some areas that have been deforested have been overtaken by invasive grasses, and the soil may be destroyed in other places, being baked into a brick-like substance. This can cause difficulties in the reforestation of ancient forest. In fact, some species that only survived in microenvironments of the rainforest may be gone forever.

    Without as many humans exploiting the Earth’s resources, nature would have room to take back over the land, eventually flourishing again. Though, the type of flora and fauna and the weather conditions might be quite different in a grand rainforest of the future.

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