Do you think that rabbits are a good food for the United States to grow?



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    It would seem that based on the raising of rabbits in small amounts that it would be beneficial for the U.S. to harvest rabbits.. They are cheap to raise and eat a diet of grass and leftover food which most people would just compost anyway. Their coats could also be used to make clothing and other things. The meat itself is fairly low in fat and calories and contains a fair amount of protein (though not as much as other meat sources).

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    Yes! Rabbits are an excellent food to grow in the United States.  They are a quiet, easy to care for livestock, that may be grown in small areas.  Their waste is also an excellent plant fertilizer, that may be directly applied to the soil.  They are also really easy to mate.  I raise rabbits for meat in my backyard.  There are some complications.  Namely, if you want to breed rabbits year round in cold climates you will need sturdy insulated nest boxes with heating pads or else the baby rabbits won’t survive.  Also, keeping watering lines unfrozen in the winter is somewhat challenging.  I have found that adding an aquarium heater to the tank is really helpful.  

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