Do you think that public EV chargers are more important than ones installed in homes?



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    I think that they are both kind of equally important. However, if public EV chargers were more prevalent, I think that would help more people choose an EV vehicle. Plus, it would entice people to drive their EV vehicle more often because they don’t have to worry only having a charger at home – they could just go to a public EV one. So I think in the long run, public EV chargers are critical to helping switch over to electric cars. That’s my two cents.

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    Charging a car from a regular 3-prong outlet at night is the way to go. As long as the car has a charger, one need not install a charging station at home. Charging stations can charge a car faster, but for the most part people don’t want to do that because the cars are charging overnight when demand for energy is low instead of during the day when demand for energy is high. If cars are charged during the day instead of at night, they may stress the energy grid.

    Public chargers would be good for rare occasions when electric car owners are out somewhere and find out that their trip needs to be a little longer than they originally intended. Thus, I think that public charging are more important than home charging stations. However, people should still do most of their charging at home at night whether or not they have a charging station.

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