Do you think that propane powered cars will ever become popular?



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    Propane is indead a surprisingly clean burning alternative fuel for cars, however I do not think that it will catch on anymore than it already has–it would have already. These are my reasons:

    1, Propane although burns environmentally clean, is still a by product during crude oil refinement. This makes it not a logical choice to what most environmentalists demand.

    2. The combustion rate is a bit less than gasoline and will typically generate 5% fewer horsepower performance.

    3. With the rise in hybrids and 100% electric cars (Nissan Leaf), I think the future will go in a different direction for alternative fuels in transportation. Especially so, now that fossel fuels is beginning to attract more and more negative attention (i.e. the global climate crisis and the gulf oil spill).

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