Do you think the Prius will always be the most efficient vehicle that Toyota makes?



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    Hopefully not! I think the technology can get better and better, as long as there’s a rise in demand for cars that don’t pollute. Hybrid cars, even though they’re a great alternative to a gas guzzling truck, still burn gasoline, still use oil, and still have toxic batteries that someday will leak it’s contents in a landfill some where. We as a species can do better than this! But it takes a collective awareness and motivation for solving problems like this. I truly believe we can invent a car that looks, drives, and performs EXACTLY like a regular car or truck, that uses 100% reusable, non-toxic, and non-polluting materials. Whether it runs on energy from the sun, water, organic matterials, or magnetic turbines, the possibilities are right in front of us and all we have to do is want it from car makers.

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