Do you think the positive things about hiking outweigh the negative things?



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    I personally like the outdoors. My opinion is that the positve aspects of hiking, like wandering outdoors and getting physical exercise, outweigh the negative aspects of hiking. I would rather endure heat, untravelled paths, insects, and other such negative aspects and go hiking. The benefits of being physically fit and experiencing nature appear to be more beneficial than avoiding the few unpleasantries associated with the activity.

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    In my opinion, hiking is a must at the very least once a week. I go in the mornings or early afternoon and don’t really experience any negatives – I love the sweating, improving the tone in my calves and strengthening my legs. Sometimes it can get a bit hot, but what is better than relaxing under some natural shade? If you ever get the chance, hike Desolation Forest in Tahoe, CA. It is one of the most beautiful places I have ever been.

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    I love being able to tune out the rest of the world (if it is only for 20 mins) and just be surrounded by nature. I believe it is important to step back once inawhile from our crazy, fast-paced, and technology-obsessed world.

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