Do you think that planning is an important part of being green?



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    Absolutely, across the board. I’m not sure of the exact intent of your question – but as an example, site selection and geographic location are a very important part of green building. Sustainable sites focus on developing brown field as opposed to green field properties and are located near public access points along with other criteria –

    When plans are implemented to help citizens have less environmental impact it is important to plan each step so that individuals use the system to its highest potential.

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    Yes, especially because people who take up more environmentally conscious ways of living tend to have the sake of the future of the world in mind. Living a lifestyle that is better for the environment tends to require planning especially when people are first learning how to be more environmentally conscious. An example would be taking public transit rather than the seemingly more convenient choice of driving a car. Taking public transit may mean leaving the house earlier. It also requires that people look up information ahead of time.

    Also, rather than going to any restaurant or grocery store, people who are trying to live more environmentally conscious lives tend to find places to get food that is organic, locally grown, etc. This requires more planning than just going to the most convenient place.

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    I do believe that planning is an important concept in being green because planning can actually save energy. For example you need to go shopping for food, purchase some new shoes, and send a package. So you do some planning and discover there is a shopping center that has all these stores right along a bus line. This way you can in one trip perform all the necessary duties, instead of driving around going from one store to the next.

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