Do you think that PETA or Greenpeace is more controversial?



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    That’s a good question. In the past, Greenpeace was much more well known for stopping whaling boats, and even putting themselves in personal danger to prevent the killing of whales. Greenpeace has now become fairly well known, so they suffer from familiarity, meaning that people are no longer shocked or amazed at their actions.

    PETA has more recent popularity, but seemingly less controversial when you compare their actions against Greenpeace. However, I think most people would consider PETA more controversial, only because they are more recently familiar with PETA than with Greenpeace.

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    I think that in the US PETA is more controversial because many people disagree with the way they portray women. PETA’s most public battles are often fighting things that Americans use or see everyday.

    Greenpeace gets the most publicity when it’s fighting other countries practices, Americans generally agree that other countries should change, but we dont want to change ourselves. That’s why when a Greenpeace story is in the news, people dont care as much as when a PETA story is.

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