Do you think PETA discredits itself by taking kooky stands like saying Punxsutawney Phil should be retired?



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    I don’t think PETA discredits itself by suggesting Punxsutawney Phil be replaced with an animatronic version of the groundhog. PETA takes a stand against animals used for entertainment, such as circus animals, along with animals used for movie stunts and other entertainment acts. I believe that if the animal is not being mistreated or malnourished in any way, using Phil for the one day might not be terrible. PETA also supports keeping animals in their natural habitat, so in that sense, I understand how they feel about Phil. 

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    I think they are nitpicking when they could be using their energy to tackle bigger problems. The money they spend complaining about the groundhog, could have saved many animals from being euthanized. I want to preface that this is my opinion and I am an environmentalist and animal advocate. 

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