Do you think personal zoos could be used for conservation purposes?



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    Absolutely. Fortunately, some private zoos are serious in their conservation efforts. One private zoo in Bonsall, California dedicates themselves to wildlife rescue and preservation, and, educating the public on such issues.

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    Outside of Seguin, Texas used to be a sanctuary known as Buffalo Roam.  The owner and her group of volunteers rescued exotic animals that had retired from the circus, were confiscated, or needed a new home.  She had everything from lions, camels, deer, antelope, tigers, cheetahs, and other big cats and hoofed critters.  In order to raise money to buy food and supplies, she opened her sanctuary to schools and the public as an educational adventure.  She also took in injured or abandoned native animals and nursed them back to health so they could be released if possible.  Unfortunately, funding grew short, and she had to find other organizations with proper facilities to house her exotics.

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