Do you think people will buy luxury hybrids?



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    Yes. In many areas of the country there is a huge overlap between affluence and eco-consciousness. This is easily seen in retail stores like Whole Foods. I believe that many of the people who shop at Whole Foods, and already drive luxury vehicles, will leap at the chance to buy a luxury hybrid vehicle.

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    As more and more corporations look to go green for a variety of reasons from ethics to profit margins, the people who lead these companies will need to show a commitment to these values in their daily lives as well. Driving a hybrid vehicle over a conventional vehicle is certainly one way to achieve this goal. While the Toyota Prius may boast much greater fuel efficiency values than the new Lexus hybrids and represent a more environmentally friendly choice, business leaders may still look to the more highly regarded Lexus as a status symbol and the embodiment of the marriage of business and environmentalism. For this reason, luxury hybrids will grow in popularity to meet the demands of those who still wish to drive a luxury car but want to feel good about their decision to drive a hybrid vehicle.

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    We should hope so as an investment in any hybrid will lead to better, more fuel efficient hybrid technology for all hybrids, including luxury hybrid vehicles. But it most likely will depend on whether or not the consumer is going for saving money at the gas pump, or going for reducing emissions and doing good for the environment, and to note, performance and luxury hybrids were not designed to save you money at the pump, although they can when compared to similar model cars that are not hybrid.

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    There are many individuals, especially in trendy cities like Los Angeles, that consider “being green” fashionable. These types of people would likely be interested in a luxury hybrid because they want to be considered environmentally aware while also being stylish. Luxury hybrids do not seem very practical to me personally, but I think there would definitely be a market for these cars.

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    I think so because the people who have the money to buy luxury vehicles usually have the money to spend a little extra to save the environment. Not to say that rich people do better things for the environment, but that they can spend the extra dollar to get a more environmentally-friendly product and still survive. 

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    I definitely think that people will buy luxury hybrids.  Consumers that are able to buy luxury vehicles would probably not be as concerned with the extra cost.  Also, affluent individuals are able to use their money to support the environment.  This would be a great way for them to do so.  In places that are more environmentally aware, such as California, I believe luxury hybrids would sell very well.

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    I think people who can afford luxury hybrids would buy them. I think in rich areas and cities where luxury cars are popular, the next step would be to present them with luxury hybrids. I think it is a good idea also because if people love their luxury cars so much and drive them around a lot, it would be better if they were hybrids.

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