Do you think people respond more to largescale education campaigns or personal experiences?

Please feel free to share from personal experience or general impressions.



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    Both.  Personal experiences are great because obviously, we are all people. Therefore when someone else tells us their story, we feel we can relate, and therefore are more attached to the issue, thus causing better results. 

    However, education programs are great because there are some people who just don’t know, or who don’t understand the severity of issues. Education shows them what is actually happening. Also, experiments, or hands-on projects are proven by studies to get students more involved. So having something like that could be all the difference 

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    I definitely take the position that personal experiences are more powerful than large campaigns.  If everyone were to spend a week in the wilderness as I have, no one would question the value of our planet’s natural environment.  To see the beauty of nature firsthand is something a campaign or collection of graphs just can’t communicate.  It takes an up-close look at what our Earth has to offer in order to appreciate it to its fullest.

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    I found that some psychology consider personal experience sticks around more deeply. Moreover example pointed out that statistics are widely disregarded when people share personal stories either positive or negative about something. I would say that personal experience has a bigger impact on the individual while large scale education “just” gets the word out.

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