Do you think people look at global warming like a problem similar to Y2k?



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    Actually, I think people were even more concerned about Y2K than they are about global warming. Of course, we have people on both sides of the issue now, just as we did then. But it seems that, because people felt Y2K could affect them in a very real way, they felt more inclined to actually do something about it (like stocking up on food and water). In the case of global warming (which is more accurately called climate change now), people cannot see how it might affect them. The consequences do not seem real, which is why many still doubt it as a reality. That’s my two cents, at least.

    This guy makes an interesting point about global warming and how people view it. I think there’s a lot of sense in what he’s saying and to some degree I think it’s true.

    Again, this is only my opinion and I would like to hear what other people think about this question 🙂

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    Some people see global warming as a hoax, an unfounded fear, which, like Y2K, will turn out fine without great catastrophe. I personally think that global warming is extremely dissimilar to Y2K in this respect; climate change is very real. Glaciers and ice caps continue to melt, while GHG and temperatures continue to rise. But, I do know that people who deny that climate change is occurring like to compare it to Y2K (well, after the clock struck midnight and everything was fine). Before that, they might have been afraid themselves.

    I do agree with the above that for people who acknowledge that climate change is real, their fear may be less pronounced than it was for Y2K due to the immediacy of the threat. We do not know when climate change will affect our personal livelihoods, but we were given a date for Y2K. Still, many people were not afraid of Y2K and are thus more concerned about climate change.

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    No, I think it has been communicated that global warming is a long term problem with no easy solution. Y2K was short-term thing that came about to be nothing.

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