Do you think that people have more green new years resolutions than before?



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    Definitely. I think that because the green movement is more important to people than before more people will want to be green. Besides, with going green becoming a new industry more people will want to save money or make money by going green.

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    I agree that green issues are finally at the forefront of people’s consciences currently.  With the mounting climate and energy crises, coupled with recent environmental catastrophes, environmentalism is gaining momentum politically and at the grassroots level. 

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    Also, a lot of green resolutions are tied directly to people’s health and finances. A lot of of green lifestyles, such as a healthy organic diet, saving money, cutting back on gas and utilities, quitting smoking etc, are common resolutions for improving one’s life. They’re good for the person, and they end up helping save the planet.

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    I think that when people are making green new year’s revolutions, they are also considering other reasons for that pledge. When someone goes vegetarian, alot of the time some of it has to do with the help benefits. If someone says they will use public transportation more or ride their bike they are trying to save money on gas and get the health benefits of exercise. But I do think green new year’s resolutions are becoming more popular also due to increased environmental awareness this past decade. With our economy making strides towards sustainability, even if it is for image, I think it’s transferring to consumers because they are being bombarded with green images and ideas more than ever.

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