Do you think people buy eco friendly products because they are better than the alternative?



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    Some eco-friendly products are made of more durable materials, and therefore won’t have to be replaced as soon as a product that has been cheaply made.  A lot of edible eco-friendly products are organic, and many people will buy these because they are more healthful.  Some people buy eco-friendly sops and lotions because the natural products are better for their skin, or because they have sensitive skin.

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    It depends what you mean by “better”. Like the previous answer has stated, there are various reasons why people buy eco-friendly products. Some people do it because they have always tried to be enviromental friendly and feel like they should buy green products. However, some buy them because they are worried about the harmful chemicals found in most leading brands (from cosmetics to laundry detergents) like optical brightners or carcinogens. So in their eyes the eco-friendly products are “better” and are more benefitial not only to their health but the environment.

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