Do you think people are starting to use reusable grocery bags?



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    Yes! Reusable bags are becoming more and more popular lately as business are starting to stop carrying plastic bags and allowing consumers to either buy or use reusable bags. Because of the encouragement of reusable shopping bags by governments and supermarkets, reusable shopping bags have become one of new fashion trends

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    I see many people using reusable bags in stores, but it’s not a high percentage yet. The low price of the bags and the different colors and designs helps to boost their popularity. The store also gets free advertising if people buy the bags with the store name on them.

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    I agree with greer. The reusable bags are cheap, available and trendy. And they’re useful kind of like how gladware tupperware is; its not a single use container, but if you leave it somewhere you don’t mind.
    One important thing, though, is that we can’t become complacent about living green because we stopped using plastic bags. Reusable bags should be like a gateway habit that leads you to explore other green lifestyle changes. You don’t get to throw your cans in the trash and justify it by saying “oh i use a reusable bag…sometimes.”

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    I would agree that they are becoming more popular. The main issue now is to make people remember to bring them to the store with them. One way to solve this problem is to immediately place the bags back into your vehicle after use. Then next time you visit the store, the bags will already be there for you.

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    I do believe that education, increased awareness, and the horrible site of plastic bags everywhere has lead some people to start using reusable bags. Of course these bags are not just for grocery shopping, but for any purchases you make that involves items where you would be given a plastic bag. Many people that I know sometimes forget their bags and now start placing them next to their door, so that they remember them more easily. Check out some trends around the world about plastic bags by visiting the citation below.

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