Do you think people are scared to be green?



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    It’s not that uncommon to encounter people who get angry or defensive whenever the issue of going green comes up. It’s no secret that going green can be quite costly; not everyone can afford the upgrade or the lifestyle. As a result of this, some people get defensive, even angry but perhaps deep inside what they really feel is guilt and/or fear. “Thus, the only thing I can think of is that these people do in fact want to do better, but instead of asking me about it and then trying things out, they ridicule and put environmental activists down as being ‘treehuggers’ and ‘hippies’.”

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    I think older generations find it difficult to change their ways to help the environment. In NJ you can be fined if they find recycled materials in your garbage, and I can remember my grandmother trying to hide aluminum cans in the middle of the garbage so she wouldn’t get fined. She was never educated in regards to where the trash goes and how much recycling can really cut down on landfill space. Unless a person is aware of how their actions can hurt the environment it is unlikely they will try to become green.

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    I think people are scared of losing what they have. They like their lifestyle, or at least they like the idea of what lifestyle they can aim to achieve. Being “green” puts some of that into question, such as consumption and material possessions. People have their dreams to become rich, famous, and possess expensive items, and “being green” threatens that possibility.

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    I think scared isn’t so much the sentiment as…unwilling. And maybe fear factors in a little in the sense that people are hesitant to join a cause that they can’t really control the outcome of.
    There are a lot of things that I don’t do (read: play rugby) because I don’t want to fail (read: get my a** kicked at rugby), so it makes sense that people would sort of avoid the whole topic because they feel like it’s a sinking ship.

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    No, people want to be green. The only reason they would be scared is if they don’t know how to be green. That is why public awareness should be a priority in the green movement.

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    I often feel that most people do not care to be green. They only care about themselves rather than the environment. This is due in part because of fear that it will leave them behind in the world if they devote their time and energies to being green rather than making a quick buck. Capitalism!

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    Not at all. People aren’t scared to be green. The problem is that enough awareness has not been created and many don’t even know what it is and how to go about it. If awareness is created properly highlighting the benefits therein, and people get to know about it they will cherish to be green at all cost.

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    Adding to what everyone else said, I think people are scared of being different. The whole “green” movement is seen as a trend in some parts of the United States, while in others it isn’t as cool. People like to fit in with others, and if being green makes you different than the majority, then that will cause some problems for people. The important thing here is to make “being green” a more mainstream lifestyle in the entire country. 

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    Some people might be worried about how difficult going green could be or if it’s possible in their situation. They might think that they have to make drastic changes like buying an electric car or installing solar panels. In certain regions, it’s also much more difficult to make appropriate changes due to lack of public transportation or green-minded businesses. I don’t think it’s something people are scared of; I just think it’s a movement not everyone can currently partake in.

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