Do you think that the packaging of eco products has a lot to do with their success?



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    Absolutely.  In the United States we are a society driven by looks and how things appear on the outside so if we ‘think’ something is more natural, or more green, we will be more likely to purchase it (if we care about that type of thing).  That being said though, we still love bright, flashy, eye-catching designs, putting the pressure on designers and marketers to satisfy both our cravings.  The packaging that is 100% environmentally sustainable but with the look that it uses the most interesting and extravagant designs possible.  It’s like the business professional who has mastered getting ready in his office before a big event.  Looks like a million bucks but wore the suit he had on at his friend’s wedding the past weekend.  

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    I usually find that a lot of eco-friendly products have rather dull or bland packaging. This just seems to fit the whole “eco-friendly” image a lot more in my opinion, since it uses the basic amount of materials to get the job done. It may not catch your eye, but usually if you are looking for an eco-friendly product you know exactly what you want and where to buy it. Of course this isn’t true for everything, and I agree with rn4fldhcky that bright colors and interesting designs are a great marketing technique. 

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    Packaging products in an eco-friendly way is successful, successful for the company’s bottom line and their Environmental Management System because shows they use a green supplier chain that reduces environmental waste. It is part of corporate responsibility to reduce carbon emissions and can be included in their annual sustainability report. EBay sent out 100,000 recyclable boxes, specially designed to be used and reused by eBay buyers and sellers. You can see where your registered box has been and where it is headed!

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