Do you think that overpopulation is a real problem?



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    Yes, I think that it is a real problem. By 2050, the world population is expected to reach 9.2 billion, which is 38% higher than today’s world population of 6.5 billion. Most of the population growth will occur in developing nations. Limited resources and water shortages will pose major challenges, which is why educating people in third world countries and convincing leaders to encourage citizens to use birth control is important.

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    It’s the ONLY problem. Some one could be the most environmentally conscious human that ever lived, and they’d still have an impact on the environment in a negative way. Overpopulation is always overlooked as a serious issue, because people’s emotions are tied to family and having children. We’re psychologically predestined to have “baby-fever,” and want to have children to carry on our genes. If our world is going to have any chance at sustaining any type of life in the future, we have to be more conscious about how many children we have. Educating women is one of the best ways we can effect a change in the world, by giving women opportunities, they’ll be less likely to have the time or desire to have large families. 

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    Overpopulation is certainly a problem, but I think quality of living is also a huge factor to consider when talking about achieving sustainability. The earth is able to support our current population because most of the world isn’t living the same way as, say, Americans do. Our consumption levels and quality of living is luxurious compared to those of most other countries, but it’s difficult to scale back how much we consume when we’ve grown accustomed to it in our culture, though humans can clearly survive off of much less resources per capita. So while educating women and lowering birth rates are important too, I think it’s equally important to live more consciously about consumption habits.

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    Yes it is a problem. There are only so many places to live and so much of the earth’s resource that can be used. The planet’s ecological systems are based on balance and they are already being strained. The greater the world’s population the more commonplace conflict will become as society’s will fight over resources.

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