Do you think that in our lifetime we will see the polar bear go extinct?



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    If environmental conditions continue as they are, it’s possible.  Polar bears are very much threatened because the climate changes have been affecting their habitat.  If their habitat is destroyed, they cannot survive.  That is why serious action should be taken to preserve natural environments.

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    Yeah, sadly it is true.  With a deteriorating habitat (food shortage, melting/ breaking ice, and climate differences)  The Polar Bears are having a difficult time.  I’m not sure if you have ever seen Planet Earth, but there is a scene when the polar bear is just lost at sea swimming, like almost drowning…(it is horrible to watch)  But from what I have researched it seems that a lot of polar bears swim out to get food and then there is no ice where there used to be (Polar Bears will rest at different areas before returning to their ‘home’) Anyways, they dont have these ice patches to rest anymore, so they get lost and drown and stuff. I just think it is really sad. 

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