Do you think that our government can create legislation that will help us reduce our obesity rate?



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    Yes, our government can create legislation that can help us reduce our obesity rate, specifically by targeting the types of food that are served in our public schools. Childhood obesity is a large problem and by making the food children eat, healthier, we can put a serious dent in the obesity problem.

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    I don’t believe our Government should create legislature to reduce the obesity rate.  It is up to each individual to make up their own mind as to what they put in their mouth and how active they want or need to be.

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    There are some 140 bills being debated by legislatures in 25 states that are aiming to reduce obesity.  In addition to removing unhealthy foods from schools, some states are looking to place additional taxes on fattening foods, and Felix Ortiz, a New York Assemblyman, would also like to see “icons of sedentary living” taxed.  That includes things like movie tickets, video games, and DVD rentals. 

    Anti-obesity legislation is similar to previous anti-smoking campaigns.  It will generally focus on increasing taxes on these unnecessary “luxury” items and instilling good habits in the nation’s youth.

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