Do you think our disaster relief efforts have gotten better and more efficient since Katrina?



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    I think emergency preparedness plans have been evaluated and revised. I wasn’t in Louisiana for Katrina, but I was there for hurricane Gustav and Ike (didn’t hit Baton Rouge, but still required emergency actions). I know compartively, they were much more prepared than gustav because of the lessons they learned from Katrina. The recent quake in Hatii is the first real test of relief we’ve had since Katrina, and I think our reaction and efforts so far has been quicker than what happened immediately following Katrina.

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    I think those that are in charge of FEMA and the government are better able to execute orders and rescue and recovery missions quicker and more effectively than the previous administration.  Many of the problems that occured during Katrina were attributed to unqualified people being in important jobs due to being friends with someone or nepotism.  The new administriation should be far more prepared, hopefully they won’t have to be tested though.

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    I would go back before that and say that 9/11 kind of shocked people into being prepared for disaster/the worst & opening up their hearts to strangers, etc.

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    I think that it is hard to judge whether or not the relief efforts in the United States have improved because we really have not dealt with a similar situation since Hurricane Katrina.  The BP oil spill is comparable, but not necessarily a natural disaster.  I think that we will not really know the state of our relief system until we are able to test it again.

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    I think the unfortunate times during Hurricane Katrina gave the government an eye opening view of how federal agencies can provide services for people. I think that they have been able to learn from their mistakes, but like kyliemugg stated, the United States hasn’t had a catastrophe similar to Hurricane Katrina since. I think that over time, America can learn from their mistakes and adjust. 

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