Do you think an Oil spill like this one could cause a company like BP to shut down?



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    There’s always a possibility of them being shut down, but I don’t think it’s very likely. They’ll probably get run out of business due to people boycotting their company before they are run out of business by governments. When the oil spill happened, they actually shut down their pipelines coming from alaska. They knew the seriousness of the situation and had to redirect their efforts to fixing the problem in the Gulf of Mexico.

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    Yes definitely, they are selling many of their assets in order to pay for this spill. Unfortunately, I think the federal government and therefore we, are going to be footing most of the bill and BP will be saved. In a few years, everyone will forget about the spill and BP will be off the hook. Luckily Obama was able to get $20 billion from them. 

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