Do you think the oil spill is better or worse than how the media has portrayed it and why?



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    The media has always, and will always blow things out of proportion. It gets people’s attention and because the spill is an American issue, it is big news, thus embellished, exaggerated, and widely broadcast.   

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    I think that it is much worse than how the media has portrayed it because they are run by corporations. Do they want the stock market to tumble and all their investments to fail? No, they are human. Additionally, the media simply does not have the resources or access to knowledge to truly show the magnitude of the oil spill. 

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    It’s difficult to judge the extremity of the situation without being an actual witness. If you could physically see the damage for yourself then it’s fair to analyze the situation. Reading sources is secondary information that you are relying on to be reliable! Your eyes are your best friend!

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    It’s very difficult to say, but my personal opinion is that the oil spill is a lot worse that what the media has portrayed.  News organizations covered the spill extensively when it first began, but it has now moved to the back-burner. This is unacceptable — the oil spill is an unprecedented environmental and economic catastrophe that cannot be forgotten or pushed aside.  I would recommend finding a news organization that you find reputable (I prefer NPR or BBC news) and sticking to that instead of cable entertainment news.  

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