Do you think the oil companies are making things difficult for renewable energy?



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    Yes, and a prime example of this is the development of natural gas as a “clean” energy source.  Many oil companies also have their hand in the natural gas industry which is currently trying to exploit the copious amounts of shale in Pennsylvania and Canada.  The companies are advertising natural gas as a clean energy source to convince consumers that using it will help the environment, but they’re neglecting to mention that natural gas is still a fossil fuel and thus non-renewable.  It is simply the most clean burning of all fossil fuels

    While natural gas infrastructure is being developed, energy companies are not investing in true renewable sources because of natural gas’s low price.  Natural gas development is another way of keeping oil companies relevent and it takes away from renewable energy investment, research, and development.

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    Absolutely! If the oil companies weren’t dragging their feet, we would have had commercially available electric cars on the market since… Well, since the first time that they were on the market.

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