Do you think that offshore geothermal energy will face the same challenges as offshore drilling for oil?



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    Probably not, because geothermal energy is clean while oil isn’t. However, there will be other challenges with the mechanics and technology of extracting energy from heat underwater.

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    The issues facing geothermal energy development in our oceans would be very different from offshore oil drilling.  

    Offshore oil drilling has numerous potentials for disaster.  In the last couple decades America has seen two of the worst oil spills in history due to offshore drilling, and from the two different major potentials (leak from the actual drilling process, and from tanker spillage).

    Geothermal energy has very low impact on environment.  The potential for geothermal energy in certain geological areas of the world is only a couple miles deep.  There is very little impact associated with harnessing the earth’s heat for energy.  There is no coal, or nuclear waste to transport, and thus no potential of spillage, no ash wastes, and no carbon dioxide, particulate, or combustion byproducts.  The potential for offshore geothermal expansion is still relatively low because we are still exploring the very high potential of onshore geothermal expansion.  

    Offshore sites would have to deal with stability issues, energy storage issues, etc…  Offshore geothermal expansion is still a very new idea, and one that will most likely be explored in the future, however we still need to perfect and implement many onshore alternatives, which at the moment are still very expensive to implement.

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