Do you think that Obesity is related to the environment you are brought up in?



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    Many suggest that obesity is directly related to environmental factors. Food choices, eating habits, access to healthcare and nutritional education, and exercise opportunities/encouragement are all contributing elements. Check out these articles for a more in depth understanding:

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    Yes, to a certain extent. Parents are responsible for providing food for their children, which sets the foundation for the kind of eating habits they will adopt while growing up. I think it also depends a lot on culture and the kind of staple foods that comes with it. Japanese cooking, for example, includes a lot of rice and fish, which is very light and generally healthy. It’s also about portioning. A few people have commented that portions served in restaurants in the United States are larger than those from other countries like Spain. If that counts toward environmental factors, I believe they are partially related to the incidence of obesity.

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    Definitely. Although obesity may be in part hereditary, in order to become over weight, the food has to be there. In America, there is no shortage of fast food and the portion sizes are large. In our environment, we can hop into the car and drive to a place where we can gorge ourselves on greasy fatty foods. As a result, we are one of the fattest countries in the world. In an environment where this is not an option and people must hunt and gather for their food, there are exponentially less obese people if any. Our environment may not be the root cause of our obesity, but it enables people to become obese. 

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    For the most part, it follows the behavior of family or extended family.

    However, in the last 50 off years, with increasing numbers of unhealthy fast foods, the numbers of pudgy children have grown up into pudgy adults feeding their children the same fast food.

    And in the last 30 years the schools are offering fewer and fewer sports programs that are just for exercise. Not team sports, just for fun and exercise.

    And with the fast food are heart attacks, diabetes, high blood pressure, and all the other many illnesses that come with obesity.

    There are, however, some genetic illnesses and conditions which create both obesity and large frames with sturdy builds.

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