Do you think that Obama should make Al Gore his environmental advisor?



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    I personally think that Obama should not make Al Gore his environmental advisor. It appears that Al Gore is radical when it comes to issues such as climate change and air pollution. Obama was strong on taking action on these issues during his 2008 campaign, but the environment unfortunately has taken a back seat to the economic recession since he has been in office. I think if Al Gore does get the position, it may create more conflict and lately, the differences of opinion in the White House is what is hindering the progress of taking action on so many current issues of concern.

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    I agree with the above opinion.  Al Gore is a very polarizing figure and has gotten a lot of criticism that he doesn’t put his money where his mouth is.  Part of this might just be partisan politics; it’s not abnormal for certain media organizations or politicians from one party to purposely look for flaws/points of criticism in politicians of the other major party.  At any rate, people who don’t like Al Gore are not about to change their opinion of him or positively consider anything he says or does.  It might be better if Obama chooses someone who hasn’t received as much spotlight and/or been portrayed on South Park.

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    Al Gore is more of a politician than a scientist. If anything, I think that Obama should hire someone from the IPCC as his environmental advisor. The IPCC is a panel of scientists who work together to publish reports on the effects of climate change. What Obama needs is someone who can read all the IPCC reports and translate them into a comprehensive strategy for dealing with climate change and other major environmental issues.

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    I agree with what a majority of everyone has already said. Al Gore doesn’t seem to be the “scientist” that would be needed for an environmental adivosor position. While Al Gore seems passionate about the subject of climate change, he would serve better being the poster child for change, rather than the scientist behind the scenes. 

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