Do you think that Obama has handled this tornado season well?



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    Since about all he can do is express sympathy and get the FEMA involved, yes.

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    Federal action for domestic natural disasters is carried out by FEMA, as suggested by rigibson. While it is difficult to know how smoothly the logistics of the relief effort were carried out, we can criticize the speed of FEMA’s response to the incident. You may remember that FEMA and the Bush Administration took a lot of criticism for its seemingly delayed deployment of supplies and personnel after Hurricane Katrina. 

    I found the following video on the FEMA website:

    It was streamed a day after the tornado in Tuscalusa, Alabama which was declared on 4/28/11. It depicts the delivering of supplies from FEMA to the state incident response team. Assuming the dates and locations are accurate, we can assume that FEMA acted promptly and efficiently. 


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