Do you think that Obama is getting discouraged about passing a climate bill?



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    I hope not.  I certainly don’t really see any reason for him to be discouraged about passing the bill other than failing to gain congressional approval or crazy provisions that are put in the bill.  Recent events have certainly placed the urgency of environmental revolution in the minds of every-day people:  floodings, oil spill in the gulf coast, etc.  And, I believe that when the 2010 election rolls around the majority of the population would be more keen to vote on a candidate who is FOR the climate bill.  “a  new poll released on Monday by the Clean Energy Works campaign showed “overwhelming public support for comprehensive clean energy legislation,” with 61 percent of 2010 voters saying they want to limit pollution, invest in clean energy and make energy companies pay for emitting the carbon that contributes to climate change. A healthy majority — 54 percent — of respondents said they’d be more likely to re-elect a senator who votes for the bill.”  Politically, it’s a good move to make.

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    I do not think he is discouraged, but rather much more conservative and more pro-oil and business than we are lead to believe. For example, look at the BP oil spill crisis. Obama still has not taken control of the situation. This leak can easily be fixed if the military was to just bomb it. However, BP still wants to salvage as much of they can of the rig. Obama will just sit on the sidelines and wait for his contributions for the next campaign. 

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