Do you think that Obama is doing the right thing by trying to create a “transition period” between renewable energy and our current energy situation?



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    With any significant change in infrastructure there is necessarily a transition period as you phase out the old and bring online the new. Its not really a matter of right or wrong, but rather a reality that you face with any large infrastructure. This kind of transition period also enables the workforce to be trained as it can take years of training to get up to gain the level of understanding necessary to be able to build, maintain and troubleshoot renewable energy systems, in the same way the current workforce that maintains the coal and nuclear power geneartion plants; it is quite skilled labor and so people need the time to be trained. However, in my opinion we need to move very aggressively with getting the renewable energy systems online, and all that is involved in making this happen, so that this transition can be over as soon as is feasibly possible.

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