Do you think that Obama is doing the right thing with his nuclear energy policy?



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    Personally, I do not agree with Obama’s nuclear energy policy. Instead of learning from Japan’s nuclear plant disaster the US seems to be following right along in their footsteps. Obama plans on spending $36 billion to build new nuclear plants. Based on the events that took place in Japan, I thought it would make more sense to find alternative energy sources even though 20% of the US power is generated from nuclear power. Wouldn’t you think it’s better to learn from the nuclear plant meltdowns in Japan and avoid contaminating the population if a big earthquake shall hit the US? Like Japan, the US is quite familiar with earthquakes, earthquakes that can cause nuclear plants to have a meltdown and cause the population to be exposed to radiation. Even a sub-lethal amount of exposure will cause long term health problems.

    I really do believe that the US should learn not only from the nuclear meltdowns from Japan but also from the BP oil spills. Disasters occur no matter how “careful”  or “prepared” officials claim to be. These disasters that occur while obtaining energy and resources affect human life, animal life, and is destructive to our environment. We all know how dangerous nuclear plants can be. Take for example Chernobyl, that area is still ground zero; unliveable and deserted. We should learn from past disasters and avoid repeating the same mistakes and ultimately experiencing the same outcome. Like Albert Einstein stated, “insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results”.

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