Do you think that North Korea or South Korea is more environmentally friendly?



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    While I hesitate to guess upon the matter because it is hard to know anything about North Korea, I would venture to say that North Korea would be the more eco-friendly of the two because it has very limited resources, and very little mass production, which would use a lot of electricity. They probably have very little power in general, while South Korea has a lot of mass production and uses much more energy on the whole than North Korea. Recently, however, South Korea has tried to make the jump towards green energy, but I would still think that South Korea uses more energy in general than North Korea.

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    Because South Korea is a much more developed region than North Korea, I would have to sadly say that North Korea is probably more environmentally friendly as a whole. South Korean citizens are more aware and educated about the environment, I’m sure, but I’m not too sure if they’re applying their knowledge to the fullest. They have promoted green living on various levels, but since South Korea is still industrializing, I think their green efforts aren’t enough to fully combat the industrialization. As an example, click on this link that discusses a river restoration project in South Korea:

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