Do you think that the next decade will be all about ethanol and biofuel?



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    Good question, Andres.  I don’t think so, and I sure hope not.  I like the fact that biofuel is trying something different, but I think it is pointless to put any effort into biofuels when there are much better technologies available.  If it were up to me, wind and sun power would be all that we use.  Aside from my opinion though, it would appear as though biofuels are losing popularity, according to this article, which states that current biofuels were rated last among 18 possible alternative energy sources.

    Hope this helps!

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    Leonardo Energy, the global community of energy professionals published an article in January, 2010 answering the question of the next major energy source of the future.  The article mentions a report written by Richard Heinberg called Searching for a miracle / “Net Energy” limits & the fate of industrial society, suggests the next major energy source to be wind power and concentrated solar power.  This takes into consideration net power or the EROEI, meaning energy return on energy invested, with those two sources having the largest potential.

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    I think technoglogical and environmental innovation can be predicted year by year, but not by decades. Technology changes so rapidly, at an exponential pace, that what we will be concerned with in 10 years may not even be in the discussion now. I too hope that we move beyond ethanol and look for more sustainable and efficient energy sources.

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