do you think that the new bloom boxes will take the place of renewable energy on houses?



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    I think that would be very cool, but it will likely depend on price and timing.  If you could create your own energy at home and not need to depend on the sun or wind for efficiency, I think people would really like that.  What would be great is if they could be installed in apartments and if the government helped create subsidies like they have done with other alternative energy technologies, it will likely help get these bloom boxes installed.  However, if another technology gets developed that is either more efficient or cheaper people could also transition to that.

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    From what I read bloom boxes are not the most efficient and are not as good as they appeared on 60 minutes. Bloom boxes have great competition among other products that are starting to come out and are much cheaper. Bloom boxes are way to expensive for us to even start thinking about using them for homes. 

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