Do you think that the new Aerogenerator X will become the turbine of the future?



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    This certainly is a possibility although it is really too soon to tell. The Aerogenerator X is significantly larger than any other turbine we use today and also has a greater electrical output. It’s designed to be mounted out in the ocean and I suspect that as wind energy develops, there will be a backlash against “ruining” the lands with unsightly windmills. Windmills out at sea may be the future where we can place them out of sight.


    Aerogenerator X

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    Who knows, there are always new technologies coming out in the renewable energy field. Here is another turbine capable of powering 750,000 homes called the Maglev turbine. The people behind this say they can provide 1 kilowatt hour of energy for less than one cent. [img_assist|nid=195430|title=MagLev|desc=|link=none|align=left|width=613|height=640]

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