Do you think celebrities need to make green movies to educate people?



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    Like Al Gore and The Inconvenient Truth, celebrities have a leg up when it comes to advertising and modeling support of causes. (George Clooney’s cause is Darfur, Angelina Jolie’s cause is adoption, Coldplay is all into supporting climate change awareness, Bono’s cause is…everything)
    And some celebrities DO make work on “green” movies, they should do it more…
    Remember a few years ago Leonardo DiCaprio was promoting Who Killed the Electric Car?

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    Of course, this is purely subjective, but yes, I definitely do. Some decry celebrity use of their names for such activities, but if a boat full of people is sinking and someone tries to rally everyone to bail and patch the holes, is it worthwile discrediting that person because s/he is “just an actor?”

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