Do you think the national park system was one of the best thing ever for the environment in America?



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    I think it’s a very good thing, yes. Maybe not one of the best, but still very good. I think that there are other things, like buying local, using green cars, etc, that do more for the environment, but… all in all, it’s pretty high up on the list.

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    It was definitely one of the best.  If not for the national park system, most of the parks would probably be destroyed at this point.  If not for the restrictions set up by them, everyone would want a house overlooking the grand canyon, in the redwood forests, or at any of the other natural beauties in our nation.  It is difficult to tell if it is the best because it’s almost impossible to tell the true effect that is has had, but the national park system is definitely very important.

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    I think it was definitely one of the best. It forced people to conserve at least some of the land that would have otherwise been destroyed. The only thing making it not the best is that it is larger and currently a lot of funding is being taken away from national and state parks. People need to stop merely care about themselves and start looking towards working with the environment, not destroying it. 

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    Yes — National Parks are a wonderful part of America and the world.  They serve as bastions for conservation and environmentalism.  They also provide a place where people can observe the beauty of nature and appreciate the importance of the environment.  Teddy Roosevelt began/created the National Parks system, and it has been a successful pillar of environmentalism ever since.  

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    Related to the reasons above, national parks are extremely valuable also because of the fact that they show us what we are destroying. When we have special places conserved for us to see, we realize that there are wonderful places like our national parks all around the world that we are destroying. The national parks teach us to respect nature and, hopefully, to reduce our destruction of other natural places.

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