Do you think that NASCAR can get more fans if they switch alternative fuels?



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    It’s definitely an interesting question and one that I’m not sure about. On one hand, NASCAR is the fastest growing sport in the world and is not in need of any changes to widen its fan base. Also, I feel like NASCAR skeptics, myself included, may not be swayed over by a switch to alternative fuel. Sure, I’d be thrilled over the move and commend the sport and its leaders, but that will not change how entertaining I find watching stock cars drive around a track. But that’s just me. Would love to hear what others think of this.

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    I agree with edmccoy11.  It doesn’t seem like the fan base of NASCAR would or could be expanded by switching to alternative fuels.  However, there was a rally car that was disqualified from a race in Britain because it was too fast–an electric car–so, I’m sure if our NASCAR race cars were powered with electricity, we might see a small increase in viewership.  It certainly would be prudent of NASCAR to support alternative fuels in race cars, even if they weren’t full-blown electric cars.

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