Do you think mother nature shows her emotions?



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    Wow, here’s a freebie! Ummm, here’s my best shot to do this quickly: No one can tell you for sure whether or not “Mother Nature” is a real thing (same goes for a “Great Spirit” and even “A Creator” or “God” or “Allah”) because these are all Metaphysical / Theological Questions. There is no one definite truth (or There Is), but this has not yet been supported by any scientific evidence, only Faith.

    The Above are not proven by scientific claims, yet experience and reason shows us the Possibility that there may be something more. I think that if there is real, true Mother Nature, it is a result of the interactions of energy/ gravitation connections/ fields and if the Spirit were to show Her emotions the emotions would be shown as human interpretations of Nature Herself. If you see a pile of gargabe on the city streets or a littered backyard alleyway—humans making a mess of the beautiful earth—then how do you feel? There is a display of Nature (or sometimes it seems too much today: Destruction of Nature 🙁   — and we have a response — Nature effects us. So the times when we feel something because we have seen a display of nature, this is when mother nature shows us her emotions. Indeed we are a part of mother nature, we are one. It’s called independent arising.

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