Do you think that mother nature is pissed?


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    This is truly a matter of opinion, but if she is, she’s mad at humans. It’s humans who have gone against nature and who are using up natural, limited resources, and who are increasing global warming. Humans are the ones who are cutting down rainforests destroying thousands of plant and animal species and our oxygen supply, humans who are polluting the oceans and the land with trash, toxins, and other waste. So, who knows, maybe she is very mad.

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    Why yes, yes I do.  She’s like the Mom who sits back and watches her junkie son/daughter completely destroy themselves because of their addiction to things that are only hurting them in the long run.  Addiction to oil, addiction to heroine, it’s the same.  She’s also the Mom who has given up because they know there’s nothing more they can do, but it doesn’t mean she’s not pissed at him for stealing her stereo to buy drugs!

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    I personally do not believe that mother nature can cause bad things to happen.  I think that this is the sort of anthropomorphism that we have bestowed upon our earth (similar to what people do with their Gods/spirits) to explain natural disasters.  I don’t think anything is orchestrating earthquakes, forest fires, hurricanes or tornadoes.  If it were true that mother nature is angry and starting forest fires, she would only be hurting herself.  I don’t think our earth is healthy, we are ruining it, but I don’t think our earth has some sort of angry personality.

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    I don’t believe that the Earth is some huge life form or that it’s reacting to our environmental destruction.  We are simply damning ourselves through our destructive practices.

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    I believe that the natural systems of the world are off balance and have been disrupted by human beings. Therefore, I feel that “mother nature” is mad at us for what we have done. The destruction of human beings through global warming and other catastrophes is “mother nature’s” way of bringing the world back into control. Global warming is to humans, like disease is to specific species, it will end up keeping us in check!

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    I always consider mother nature as something intangible, so it’s hard for me to feel “she” is pissed. I would say that nature has been disrespected and if it were able to express sentiment feeling anger would be feasible. I should say higher beings (for those of you who believe) is upset with the way people treat the earth.

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    I don’t know if “Mother Nature” is real in the anthropomorphic sense, but if the earth has a spirit, I believe it is definitely very unhappy with the present state of affairs today.   

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    She can’t be happy that is for sure. I am sure at the dawn of time for man, she was like, they’re cute. Now she must be pretty annoyed.

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    If you feel like Mother Nature is angry at us humans, check out the philosophies of Deep Ecology.  Deep ecologists proclaim to be the darkest of the greens.  It’s a bit dark, but very interesting.

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    If, for a minute, Mother Nature existed as more than poetic nomenclature for the majesty of Earth and its life cycles, you’d imagine the injustice with which we have pilaged our planet, its resources, and other life forms would be cause for outrage.  I feel that some people’s experience of guilt and remorse for the consequence of humans’ lives on Earth mimicks what a natural mother might feel. 

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    I think that people around the world need to take care of the earth much more than what is going on now. Regardless if Mother Nature is mad, it is clear that our world is not being taken care of the way it should be.

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    I agree that if Mother Earth is “pissed,” she’s pissed at humans.  We constantly disrespect the natural order of the earth and supercede it with our own concerns.  We are selfish, as a race, though many individuals are not.

    We can all do our part by following the three Rs: Reduce, Re-use, and Recycle.

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    If you’re looking at Mother Nature as truly a mother, I think she’d be experiencing all kinds of emotions, including anger. She’s probably disappointed and exasperated and frustrated and maybe even slightly indignant. It’s like when a mother tells a child 1001 times not to do something, yet he still continues to do it. It’s almost laughable because a bystander thinks to himself, “When will the child learn?” I even feel hypocritical writing this because I’m lying in my room with the air conditioning on and my computer plugged in.

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