Do you think most of these biofuel proposals (like using tobacco) are gimmicks or likely to result in real gains?



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    Gimmicks… Biofuels are not necessary good for the environment (they’re somewhat better than fossil fuels, but in the long run, they require too much energy and resources [esp. water] to produce). We need to look for other sources of alternative energy. But harnessing some biofuels from waste matter (corn and rice stalks or wasted food) is definitely a viable source of energy — the point is though that it shouldn’t be food! (as there is a shortage of this as well.) Possibly in the future we will make biofuels efficiently from algae or another source, but they are not as likely to result in real gains as say, harnessing solar, wind, hyrdo, geothermal, tidal and bio-mechanical energy would be!

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