Do you think more people will buy the Mercedes plug in hybrid or the BMW electric vehicle?



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    I don’t know, and it seems that both companies either have a couple of plug-in hybrids in the works or at least planned, so without being able to compare specific models I don’t know if we can tell for sure. However, my money would probably be on the BMW, as that brand has generally marketed itself both as a high-end sports car manufacturer and a maker of more everyday cars for the rest of us, whereas most of Mercedes models fit in the high-end categories. BMWs are wildly popular in Europe, not surprising considering BMW is a German company, and their market penetration there is pretty formidable although Mercedes sells a lot as well. I think it will depend on the price points of the specific models, where and how they are marketed, and if luxury and sport car buyers really value the plug-in technology enough to justify the extra cost.

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    It is pretty hard to tell, BMW is known as a sporty brand, with rear wheel drive. Mercedes is much more prestigius, elegant and sophisticated. I’d say that BMW’s will sell better among younger drivers who also care about the environment. Mercedes on the other hand might be for middle aged people, who don’t go out driving for pleasure. At least this is what I would picture happening in Europe.

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    I would have to agree and say BMW.  Both are prestigious brands, however, BMW does have the youth aspect in its side.  Its not that older people don’t care about the environment, it is just that they are less educated.  They grew up in a world in which it was believed to not be an issue.  However, if Mercedes can make its car at a lower price, than I believe it will for sure outdo BMW.  Price is a mighty strong force you know. 

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