Do you think that more people could ride bikes to and from work but they are just lazy?



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    Laziness plays a part in keeping able people from bicycle commuting, but it is certainly not the only deterrence.  Biking is not always the best form of transportation.  For example, some people may be required to dress a certain way for work or may be required to carry equipment with them, making bike riding uncomfortable or unreasonable.  Living in a rainy or snowy climate can also make bike-riding a less viable option, as can general unfamiliarity riding through traffic.  What’s more, the distance one lives from work affects whether or not bike commuting makes sense.  

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    Kendragon, is absolutely right.  I work only 1 mile from my home, but I can’t ride my bike because of the required dress code.  Another factor to consider is that not every street has a bike lane, and not every city supports bike-friendly routes.  If you are able to bike to work, it can be a great exercise in addition to being helpful for the environment. 

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    I think the problem is that a lot of communities aren’t bike friendly. A lot of stores near my house are up hill, which isn’t fun to bike up in the first place, and they also don’t have much room to store your bike. I always feel awkward tying my bike up to a random pole when I go shopping. Furthermore, like sap819 mentioned, streets without bike lanes can be rather dangerous at peak rush hours. 

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