Do you think more people are concerned with nature or with animals?



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    If we work to improve the environment, this will help everything in nature including animals. From an emotional standpoint, humans generally care about animals more and don’t want to see any animal suffer. You can’t really witness “nature” suffering, although damage to trees and plants is more likely to impact our way of life.

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    I agree that people are more concerned with animals, simply because we can identify with them; we feel fear and pain just like they do.

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    i think it depends on the person. collectively, there’s probably a larger response to animals….for the reasons mentioned above.  there are a number of people though, who understand the interconnectedness between nature and animals. that it’s really all one & the same.  Many organized efforts would probably not discriminate between the two. Society, however, is a different playing field.

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    I believe that people care more about “cute” animals more than nature. People care about themselves. They often only look at what is instrumental to them and not was is good for other people or nature. Therefore, nature is usually not the top priority, it is the protection of themselves, than their species, and than their pets and other “cute” animals. 

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    I think that, on the front, people care more for the animals. They’re cute, sweet, and tug more at the heartstrings. However, when looking more closely, people really care more about nature as a whole, animals included, because we, humans, truly depend on everything in nature to survive. Once our trees are gone, once our animals are destroyed and the earth’s balance is upset, humans will too die.

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    I think that most people care more for animals, simply because they can identify with them on a certain level.  Many people have pets and adore them, and this love can translate to love of wild animals as well.  Caring about animals is a lot more tangible and realistic for people to care about than nature is.  It’s easier to latch on to something, like wanting to save polar bears, and then branch off into wanting to help the environment as a whole.  

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