Do you think more people are afraid of spiders or snakes?



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    I’d say it’s about the same.  It depends a lot of how some one is introduced to them.  I for one am afraid of snakes, probably because I got bit by one when I was young.  However, I don’t mind spiders, because they’ve never really bothered me.  I don’t like them, but they don’t scare me like snakes or bee’s do.   

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    People may be more apt to be afraid of spiders just because they are more common. You are much more likely to find a spider in your house than a snake. Snakes have never really bothered me. Some people may be afraid of snakes if they encountered one, but do not know until they do. I think the fact that many people do not know which kinds of spiders and snakes are poisonous exacerbates the issue. According to one survey in 2001, snakes are the number one fear of Americans with 51% of people being afraid (down from 56% in 1998) and the number of people afraid of spiders and other insects is 27% (down from 34% in 1998). 

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