Do you think the moon was formed by a massive celestial impact with earth or by a natural nuclear explosion in the earth’s core?

I personally had never heard the nuclear explosion theory but read about it in this article:



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    Well it’s been rather proven that the moon was formed by a massive celestial impact. They’ve covered this in the show The Universe on history channel, computer simulations show that a large body collided with the earth during its formation, and got caught up in the gravitational pull, thus orbiting and becoming our moon. This theory accounts for the slightly growing distance between the earth and moon, and can also explain some of the other features of the moon. 

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      Yes, I’ve seen the same program and read about the impact theory. I’m not sure if I’d classify it as “proven” anymore than it is proven the dinosaurs were wiped out by a meteor. I think there is a lot of good evidence, but that article I referenced also raises some interesting theories about a natural nuclear explosion, as well.

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      Well you’re quite right. We will never know for certain as other theories will pop up and have other evidence, the theory science goes with is the one with the strongest supporting evidence. That article outlines some rather compelling evidence. It’s way in the past though, there’ll always be at least one conflicting theory on the creation of the moon

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      Good question also, it’s one of the more informed I’ve seen.

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    I’ll agree with jaksongitr’s answer. From documentaries I’ve seen (I believe at the American Museum of Natural History), the impact theory looks convincing and explains a lot. And I’ll have to admit I’m not an astrophysicist. Therefore I do not possess the necessary knowledge to dispute that theory or develop alternative ones, which is why I’ll follow whichever theory has the scientific consensus supporting it.

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